Evaluate the hydrodynamic performance of your vessel quickly and accurately by using Cloud Towing Tank's CFD service

Our CFD service is accurate and quick. It provides high feasibility hydrodynamic data about your vessel’s design.

Having accurate data on resistance and powering of your design early in the project can make a difference between a successful design project that is on time, and one that needs heavy revisions late in the project, or even worse, underperforms on sea trials.

Make sure you already have a CFD simulation provider whom you trust at hand once the project is underway, to save valuable time.

The free benchmark we offer is intended to provide you with the confidence in our services, so that you are ready and set once you need us for your project.

See why our existing clients thrust us and keep coming back for their important projects. Try us out for free today.

How it works?



Find a benchmark vessel with referent results that you can use to compare against our results.



Send us the CAD file of the vessel (stl, iges, 3dm or step format), vessel speed, and draft or displacement.



Receive our CFD results within 48 hours and compare against your data

or send us a direct e-mail at info@insilico.hr