About Us

Obtaining high-quality CFD results can often be a challenging task, and it is our privilege to assist you in the process.

We’re on a mission to bring the best of Computational Fluid Dynamics to the industry, and help obtain the best possible performance of products and processes. We love it when our input helps solve problems in your projects, and it makes us very excited when we get feedback that the implemented solution performs as predicted. Being a part of the project makes us just as proud as you are, and that is why we love it.

We are CFD engineers that have been developing and contributing to the CFD software called foam-extend (a community-driven fork of OpenFOAM) for seven years through academic and industrial R&D projects. Multiphase flows are our speciality, and the ship hydrodynamics simulations are our flagship service.

Being the developers of the CFD software that we use enabled us to tailor the workflow in a way that provides standardized and quick calm water resistance and self-propulsion simulations. This is how we can deliver the results to you within as little as one day.

Your thrust is of great value to us, and this is why we offer a free benchmark study so that you can assess our accuracy before working with us. Request your free benchmark today.

Take a look at our R&D work at our references page, where you can find scientific and conference papers from a range of topics, showing new developments as well as validation of the code for calm water resistance, self-propulsion, wave loads, seakeeping, maneuvering and others.

Story & Mission

We both started developing numerical methods for application in the marine industry during our PhD projects, with the vision of helping to solve large problems in the industry, and to make groundbreaking contributions to the field with unique and complex simulations. Over the years we realized that what the industry needs the most are basic CFD simulations like calm water resistance, but that they need to be done in a standardized, industry grade process to ensure consistency and accuracy of results.

We made it our mission to develop a workflow that allows quick evaluation of calm water resistance and self-propulsion while minimizing the room for user error. With our expertise in CFD software development, together with our background in Naval Architecture, we manage to develop a framework that fits your needs as a ship designer. Now, it is time for you to have the full benefit of our efforts, through our Cloud Towing Tank service.