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Optimise your production process and producibility using Cloud/HPC based modelling and simulation

At In silico we know that your company needs to be at the cutting edge of production management. In order to do that you need a new way to describe, solve and optimise your production process.

For most companies, the problem is that they are used to time-consuming trial and error approaches, which makes it difficult to think outside the box.

We believe that the traditional approach to the production process can be improved upon greatly.
We understand how complicated the R&D process. At In silico we have years of in-depth knowledge of numerical simulations at our disposal

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Creating and improving microencapsulation production process is difficult and time-consuming.
With our digital twin for optimum encapsulation, we can help you save wastage of chemicals and get the desired performance of your produced microcapsules.


Implementing lean practices are vital for a company to keep its competitive edge


Helps with the transition towards smart production factories 4.0


Helps optimise production process with high fidelity simulations

Our Mission.

The mission of In silico is to optimise micro encapsulation processes and producibility using Cloud/HPC-based modeling and simulation, advanced high fidelity simulation, cutting edge optimisation algorithms and advanced data analytics, thus contributing to the competitiveness and resource efficiency of manufacturing SMEs, ultimately fostering the vision of Factories 4.0 and the circular economy. To pursue this mission, computationally demanding production engineering and simulation, as well as data analytics tools, are to be provided as Cloud services to ease accessibility and make their use more affordable.